Stefanie Reling-Burns
German mixed media artist, born in 1969. Loves Spammails, is interested in things that fade or (analogically) don't exist. . I started with my SPAMMUSEUM in the early 90s, put it online in 2007 and redesigned in 2019. It is a grid with (so far) 625 columns. Each one has its own content and you can jump between little gif animations to other ‘themes’ and topics. It’s a place to ask yourself why you can’t be married to bacon or enjoy a lovely day for a fart. And did you even know the truth about ‘Franklin’s Last Voyage after the Great Northern Expedition’? Take in the breath of the potato and get a personalized fortune spam cookie. Believe Perla, who adores art and knows that beauty will save the world. A lot of columns are still waiting for editing. After 25 years collecting, sampling, reusing and newly creating it might be a good time to bring the project to an end.
2 years ago