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4 May 2021
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The skull is composed of 22 bones 21 one of those bones are considered to be fused except for the mandible (the lower Jaw). The mandible remains a movable jaw bone and forms as the only obvious movable joint in the skull with the temporal bone.
There is a contended point of view between Osteopathic medicine and Allopathic medicine, which is: 
The Osteopathic perspective suggests that there are movements between the 21 bones. As both vascular and nerve supplies have been observed, it suggests living cellular tissue between the cranial bones. This cellular tissue is a form of connective tissue, which behaves according to the unique characteristics of the tissue type. It stiffens under abrupt loads, and it becomes increasingly playable under constant low amplitude loading, which would suggest movement. 
Relation to the pelvis, rib cage, hand and feet through articulation and cellular awareness 
The skull can rest on the brain