4 May 2021
  • Ribs 

12 pairs of ribs form together with the sternum for the ribcage of the thoracic region. Within those 12 pairs, there are three types of ribs: “true ribs" the first serve ribs are connect the thoracic vertebrae directly to the sternum through their own band of costal Cartilage, Ribs 8,9 and 10, called “false ribs” because they are connected to the sternum only through the cartilage that is connected to the carriage of the seventh rib, and finally ribs 11 and 12 are called the “floating ribs” as they don’t have any cartilage attachment to the sternum at all. 

Relation to the pelvis and skull through mass, weight, density, articulation and cellular awareness

Can rest on the lungs 

  • Sternum 

The sternum is a thin tie-shaped bone located along the midline of the anterior side of the thoracic region. The sternum connects directly to the 7 true ribs by thick bands of cartilage, called costal cartilage. 

Skeletal system

Relation to the pubic bone through alignment and points of location