7 May 2021



Our Cellular foundation (BMC®)

Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen suggests that all cells within our body have a living intelligence, and they are capable of knowing themselves, initiating action and communicate with all other cells. Cells in the body exist as individual cells, in a community of cells (tissue, organ, body) and as one whole at the same moment. The sense that comes with the embodiment of the cells is that they have equal opportunity for expression, receptivity and cooperation. 


Sociologist Hermut Rosa in his book Resonance, considers the difference between humanities relationship with the world or humanities relationship towards or in the world. He draws a line between being resonant or mute. Being in a relationship with the world creates a resonate relationship with it, and having a relationship that is separated from the world creates a mute relation.


How do we create resonance?

What can resonate?