Ligamentous System

4 May 2021

The ligamentous system is a system of ligaments. Ligaments are tough fibrous bands of connective tissue that suspend the internal organs within the thoracic and abdominal cavities and hold the bones together at the joints. The ligaments set the boundaries of movement in the proper articulation of the joints. The ligaments guide the muscular response by defining the trajectory of the movement of the bones. 

Ligaments are composed of a dense fibrous bundle of collagenous fibres and spindle-shaped cells known as fibrocytes. 

There are two main types of ligaments: 

  • White ligaments are rich in collagenous fibres making them sturdy and inelastic
  • Yellow ligaments are rich in elastic fibres, which are quite tuff but offer elastic movement. 

In conscious consideration of the ligament system, there is clarity and specificity to the direction of movement, as an architectural rudimentary efficient sense that aligns the bones and the organs. The ligaments give a supportive sense of volume to the joints.

Ligamentous system