Ilinca Fechete
I, Ilinca Fechete, am first and foremost a philosopher. I am an artist, a storyteller, and a photographer. Born in Romania in 2002, I began training professionally in Fine Art Photography and Painting at Fanshawe College and the BealArt Institution simultaneously at the age of 16 in London, Ontario, Canada. My performance and innovatively dynamic modes of artistic practice emanate from my work in the Canadian art industry as a photographer, writer, and curator at contemporary art magazine, Museum London, Tabara de Arta, Lapusna, and DNA Artspace.I work deeply in photography. Both conceptually and playfully - I seek to reveal the intricacy of the virtual language of photographs, the challenges posed to any definition of art, fiction, or society. By investigating the unmediated boundaries between knowledge and perception, I focus on how to use this language to break down control. My photographs are performances: they hijack the representational, traditional space of semiotics