Aliakbar Khodashenas

Writer and theater director / filmmaker / designer / graphic designer / stage, lighting and theatrical designer PhD in Theater Directing from Georgia / DBA Certificate in Directing from the UK / Cultural and Artistic Activist / Journalist, Researcher and Art Critic / Holds several prestigious international awards / Member of the ITI International Theater Organization / International Theater Lecturer / Judge / with more than 33 Year of cultural and artistic activity in Iran and the world / History of participation in international festivals: India, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, South Africa, Czech Republic, Finland, Iraq, Turkey, Georgia, Algeria, USA, Bangladesh, UAE , Singapore, Russia, Tunisia and ... Filmmaker / Honorary Member of the Berlin Film Festival / Writer and Artistic Director of more than 28 films and TV theaters / Winning the CIF International Film Award for Best International Film Festival / Winning the Best Silent Film Award at the IDEAL International Film Fest