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1 March 2021
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Trepkodoune is a piece, which is based on Bulgarian and Japanese poetry. These poetries have a particular rhythm that is related to their own bodies memory, and we will transpose these unforgettable rhythms into concrete material shapes by using movement, voice, space, etc. Working with rhythm, which is related to their own bodies memory and sensitivity, means working with the invisible, the elusive, so the space in which we will move will transpose these characteristics as well. We will create layers in the space to show or hide parts of their bodies, to zoom in on a part of the body thats exposed and their movement for a moment. Yumi Osanai is Japanese dancer and choreographer, Boryana Todorova is Bulgarian actress and performer. They are concerned by thin traces which are the base of their identities and which continue to exist in their imaginations. We construct, layer by layer, and their aim is to create a piece where their particular body memories interlace.
In this collaboration, a series of boxes are made. In this video installation, the observer gets into an intimate world. The small hole in each box gives only a micro view on the video.
Production: CC Strombeek and Workspacebrussels
Concept and performer: Yumi Osanai and Boryana Todorova
Sound: Johann Loiseau
Light: Emilie Shoumaker,
Pictures: Brian Den Hartog
Installation: Minh Duc Nguyen
Support: VGC
Thanks for: fieldworks, Ciril Clement, Emi Kodama, Satu Peltoniemi, Titanne Bregentzer, Drita Kotaji, Elisabeth Bard, Raymond Delepierre