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31 March 2021
@Dresden: Dresden, Germany
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50 pieces, 110 pages, coloured print
The idea came up after a hitch-hiking voyage through the Balkan countries in September 2017, wherein these four weeks, all the impressions and memories were precisely documented in images and texts. About 250 photographs and about 16000 words of long sleeve notes came up in this period which explains and represents the meaning of hitch-hiking, an intense but interesting way of travelling.
In this book, the fundamental demands and experiences of hitch-hiking will be documented and at the end, there won't be a foto album nor excepts of a travel report but a mix-media book work that is rather located somewhere in between both book types and allows deep insights in the travel happenings. In the foreground, there is the understanding of the basic ideas of hitch-hiking, a special form of travelling and also the fundamental philosophy of living, which are presented through simple text and pictures.
Due to the possibilities of travelling nowadays, where concurring bus companies and cheap flights dominate the commercial market and influence our behaviour and thinkings about movement, hitch-hiking is less and less seen but nevertheless, there are still people trying to maintain the ancient spirit and pointing on a mean of transport that becomes the adventure itself.
The photographs are reduced to landscapes of nature and cities, snapshots of people and situations of hitch-hiking. The texts came from a travel diary and were maintained possibly in the original.
Self published
Print: Germany
Design: Marion Beaupere (Renne, France)
Editing: Hannah Fritzpatrick (Berlin, Germany)