30 March 2021


  1. Solos 
  2. The 3 Phrases - with parts - A. simple arms  B. accent arms  C. choreographed Arms D. 0-degree 
  3. Aware or not Aware (aware of the group or not aware of the group)
  4. Stop-Start (together or not together) 
  5. exploration - Transformation (the shape (the whole body) or the isolation (part of the body)) 
  6. Space - distance (what the distance feels like) - Shape (triangle or straight line)  - area in the space 
  7. Mixing (phrases with solo)

There is no order to the score, through the different awarenesses a choice to which part of the score you use arises. 

The different awarenesses 

- The environment, the embodied sensation of the space and the actions of the others in the space directs the choice of which part of the score is performed and how. 

- The meta-awareness is an embodied sense of what the group is as a whole, the embodied sensation decides what part of the score you choose to give the image, expression or narrative that this awareness suggests. 

- 0-degree awareness by letting the awareness of your own embodied sensation direct your choice.

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