poem for LISA

31 January 2022

In a time when my body is being networked and shared with the current of a flowing stream of unrecognisable materials, I am left without a breath. As it speeds up, it shatters all islands with crashing waves out of fashion. My heart is beating like a Punk band, ready to go on stage.

Isolated in my rib cage it pines to slow down.

I search for the unknown, that which has not been repeated. Where the hands of time have not placed their mechanical cogs yet upon.

Time is just dissolving and directionless, it expands and condenses like the need for me to connect, not through spit or destruction but through change and touch.

In a space that has no cogs of time and no reason to keep an imagined line in place.

There is a place where I can share a breath and dissolve the eyes of me.

Waking up moving to the sensations of the deep and morning sleepers.

Morning light forms geometrical paths where dust particles play around like blindfolded tactile experiential beings finding rest in the support of others bodies.

Weightless the body and mind rejuvenated and opened to knowledge.