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30 October 2021
@workspacebrussels: Rue Notre-Dame-du-Sommeil 83, Bruxelles, 1000, Belgium

What is origami? Most people associate it with a guided instruction of folding sequences or they think about the funny folded elephants and birds. The art of folding is severely underestimated. The possibilities of origami go far beyond funny figures of animals. In this lecture, a short mathematical introduction of the axiomatic geometry of origami will be portrayed. While folding squared paper according to the methods of origami, the audience can themselves try to solve mathematical problems such like the Delian problem or the trisection of an angle. The lecture will be linked to some general facts about origami and the process nowadays. Mathematical knowledge isn't necessary to take part in or to enjoy this exposé; while diving deep into the world of origami, we'll reach the point where art and mathematics meet each-other.

This lecture is based on a written paper from 2013. It discussed the relations between mathematics or rather geometry and the art of origami. The paper refers mostly to Robert Lang, who is an origami master and scientist. He developed a huge processing in this field and published different tools for calculating origami patterns.

Presentation: workspacebrusselsCurator: Marnix Rummensduring exhibition IN PRAISE OF WAVES

❖ 11.12.2016 / Presentation @ Workspacebrussels In Brussels BE