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30 October 2021
@workspacebrussels: Rue Notre-Dame-du-Sommeil 83, Bruxelles, 1000, Belgium
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This notebook was exhibited in Workspacebrussels (BELGIUM), 10 Years IN PRAISE OF WAVES, Japanese culture as source of inspiration\nBe creative and become an artist. You are just received one of 27 (19 small sized, 8 big sized) unique notebooks inspired by Japanese DIY culture. Each piece is hand-crafted and owns an unique piece of a clockwork mechanism. The leather is vegetable black tanned and performs a high quality of long-lasting material that will age with you. Each piece of leather has its own texture, structure, thickness and feeling of adhesion marked by natural processes. One notebook is included. The notebook is simply a piece of leather added with two red rubber-bands for closing and for holding the notebooks inside. You have the freedom of change, of creativity and of adjustment on your personal needs. Transform this notebook to your own personal one, becoming an artist and exploring the various and large amount of opportunities of change and modification.
Residency: workspacebrusselsProduction: workspacebrusselsSold out
  • 12.11.2016 / exhibition @ workspacebrussels in Brussels BE
  • 01.10.2016 / residency @ workspacebrussels in Brussels BE<br>