27 April 2021

Meta - awareness

Meta awareness is an awareness of oneself as an agent of how a group can evolve. It expands on environmental awareness as it gives the individual the possibility to affect their environment through the embodiment of the cognitive assessment of what the group is and what the group needs. For this reason, the meta-awareness focuses only on the ‘others’ in the environment the individual is part of.  The individual, therefore, does not radiate an awareness with themselves in the centre, but rather transcends their awareness possibly out of the crown of their head and becomes aware of the conceptual identity of the group from outside of oneself, but as a part of the group.  The embodied knowledge, which results in the evoked movement of the cognitive assessment of the group that takes place, includes the sensational tension between the individual and the point outside of the individual that is aware of the group. 

Furthermore, the cognitive assessment of the group is a conceptualised system formed through the integrated embodiment of the individual. This means the integrated embodiment of an individual develops into a system of the internalised relational patterns that becomes the background or canvas in which a cognitive assessment is formed. Like environmental awareness, the body system or the part of the body system that the meta-awareness originates within the individual will also play a part in the cognitive assessment. 

4.2.2. The Birmingham School (as a technique)