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27 October 2021
@Dresden: Dresden, Germany
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Theatre collaboration with Charles Washington and Klara Mand
We close our eyes. What do we see? We look in the mirror. What do we see? We turn on the internet. What do we see? The means to reach out and communicate with everyone around the world are much greater than they ever used to be. With the use of mobile telephones and constant connection to the internet our availability and presence to our surrounding becomes continuous. As we draw these sentiments of our own existence from other’s perceptions, we remain outside of ourselves. Therefor spatially our self love is thus a form of self estrangement.\n'me' is an interdisciplinary interactive work combining dance movement, visual art and Kinect cameras. Based on the notions of isolation, identity and narcissism, 'me' looks at a world where technology is being designed to allow people to communicate more openly and individually. As we become more and more active on social media and forums we are carefully constructing images of ourselves - selves that we wish to be or are a reflection of. Reactions of others to our self-portrayal is recognition of others affirming ones self distorted objectified identity establishing ones self-esteem and self love. As the concept of reality becomes blurred between online and offline, what shades of ourself define our identity? A feeling of safety is created in online communities. It is a pleasure that comes from the instant gratification or familiarity that we may need as individuals. Yet this paradox of self love creates a physical and mental self estrangement, that asks the question. What are we leaving behind if the virtual self becomes what we identify with?
Project realised by Charles Washington (dancer / choreographer), Klara Mand (stage design) and Minh Duc Nguyen (media design / programming) as a Masters of Arts in Choreography final project in collaboration with Palucca Dresden Dance School and School of Fine Arts Dresden, HFBK, under supervision of new media artist Ulf Langheinrich.
Granted with a subsidy from the chancellor of HFBK sector stage and costume design.
Concept: Charles Washington, Klara MandChoreography: Charles WashingtonPerformer: Charles WashingtonStage design: Klara MandProgramming and projection: Minh Duc NguyenProduction: Palucca Dance School Dresden, Academy of Fine Arts DresdenSupport: TMA HellerauSupervision: Ulf LangheinrichGrant by chancellor of Academy of Fine Arts Dresden
  • 26.05.2018 / Performance @ Labortheater In Dresden DE
  • 25.05.2018 / Premier @ Labortheater In Dresden DE<br>
  • extract_(i)___me (1080p).mp4
  • extract_(ii)___me (1080p).mp4