Event: in a recurrent cycle of sympathy

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@Hole of Fame e.V.: Königsbrücker Str. 39, 01099, Dresden, Saxony, Germany
Start: 11 August 2022 16:00
End: 11 August 2022 20:59

In a recurrent cycle of sympathy
-Book release


11.08.2022 - from 18:00 at hole of fame 

In a recurrent cycle of sympathy is a mixed media art installation by Minh Duc Nguyen in collaboration with Stefan Koutzev, which will be presented for two days at Hole of Fame. Minh Duc has been active in cultural and artistic communities in Brussels and Montreal. Originally from Dresden, he is involved in several subcultures and art projects international-wide. The exhibition represents the book release of / nœuds et arétes / - a long-term photo project started in 2019 in Montreal. Stefan Koutzev was born in Bulgaria in 1993 and grew up in Germany. He works as a filmmaker and screenplay dramaturge. Currently studying media arts at the KHM Cologne, he devotes himself to moving images, as well as music and sound art. 

11.08.2022 - from 20:00 at hole of fame

On the first day, Bernhard Teichfischer is coming back from Marseille and playing with Charles Washington a sonic opening live performance where they bring electronic synths and analogue violins together.


12.08.2022 - from 20:00 at hole of fame

On the last day of the exhibition, experimental tones will be presented by Charles A Washington, Minh Duc Nguyen and Christian Novopolovski, under the name / Sounds of dolphins /. The electronic concert will be an exploration of ambient sound waves by a live set of hardware synthesizers. Over the last period, the artists have been experimenting with synthetic sounds and vocal performances. 


Memories might repeat but they will always be unique and make a difference, which creates a non-linear network of thoughts. We are constantly moving. Our environments are noisy and turbulent, but each snapshot creates a moment of silence, stillness and a parallel static world where no movement exists. The question was simple: Can I take a picture? And with the inevitable continuation, each time, a memorable thought was created, but ultimately we tend to forget. In the end, it is what it is. A simple collection of snapshots of people, found in a variety of moments, that tell quite regular and unforgettable stories. That might be what I wanted to do with this ongoing process, which led me eventually to a book, a format that I have chosen as my creative base to build this project idea up. It shouldn't be a book, nor it couldn't be anything else physical. Its idea is to remove any expectation and result, where the moment of realisation becomes the art creation itself.   


Stefan Koutzev

Minh Duc Nguyen

Presented in Hole of Fame