Opencall: Event 4 - 48hrs Experience & Michael Schumacher Workshop

25 October 2021
21 November 2021

Eine Andere Welt Ist Möglich ! - open call for participants

Over the months of November and December, Pinkmetalpetal Productions is collaborating with Berlin-based artist Lisa Hoffmann to curate different experiences open to those who are curious about imagining a world beyond capitalism. 

In three different sessions of 48 hours, eight to ten people are invited to share and create a space together as a means of transferring post-capitalist imaginations into an embodied praxis and vice versa. The project is drawing on input by late theorist Mark Fisher and his work on postcapitalist desire, Situationist tactics and the notion of worlding. Different embodiment practices from dance and theatre, spatial narration techniques, character creation, collective cooking, as well as other methods will softly guide the participants.  

By delving deep into a collective embodied experience over 48hrs the aim is to evolve the individual's perspective through a collective praxis and later to reflect and carry on the discourse long after the events by means of a webpage called Bindles in which the collective mind-body can remain in communication online. It is our aim that in early 2022 we will invite the participants back to a larger event that culminates all of the experiences and what has developed over this period to make it accessible for the wider public. 

The 48hrs experiences will also be supported with input from master improvisation movement teacher Michael Schumacher.


Michael Schumacher Workshop

27th - 28th of November 11 am - 4 pm each day. Led by Michael Schumacher 

Hellerau - Europäisches Zentrum der Künste, Dresden, Germany. 

If you attend the workshop by Micheal Schumacher you have to commit to attending one of the following 48hr experiences 

48hr experiences 

Please note: under current regulations, to be able to take part in these experiences, the 2G rule applies (being vaccinated against or recovered from Corona) this regulation can change at short notice and we are obliged to follow governmental regulations. Changes will be communicated as soon as possible.

10th of December 8 pm - 12th of December 8 pm at Hellerau - Europäisches Zentrum der Künste, Dresden 

How to apply

This call is intended for people from different backgrounds and with different abilities. To participate in one of the 48-hour experiences and the Michael Schumacher workshop, please give us a short informal motivation letter on why you are interested in this experience. Please state which 48hrs experience you are applying for and if you want to participate in the Micheal Schumacher workshop. The cost of the workshop for Micheal Schumacher is free of charge. Within the 48hr experiences, we can offer you vegan or vegetarian food. We can also offer a limited number of travel bursaries of a maximum of 50 Euros according to need. Please specify your situation if you apply for one of the bursaries and where you travel from. 

Please submit your application by the 21st of October 11.59pm. 

For any further questions please contact us at 

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What to expect in the 48hr experiences 

In the 48hrs, the participants will be gently guided through the experience with different embodiment practices that have been carefully chosen by Charles A. Washington from his Somatic Movement Practices. This praxis is a means to bring awareness to the different body systems and through this awareness, the participant will be given time to consider concepts of post-capitalism through the embodiment of rebirth, dream dance - a silent morning movement practice – and character techno-dance collectively or alone. 

Other embodiment practices include the facilitated metaphysical mind - the multisensory perception of your skin, a facilitated improvisation led by Alba T Álvarez where the participants are invited to dive deeper into the metaphysical sensation of one’s mind-body; creating an extensive awareness of the sense of touch by giving the visual sense a break; in the safety and trust of those in the shared space; opening spaces to exchange. 

These practices are paired with a collective worlding process led by propositions by Lisa Hoffmann. Using hands-on methods such as costume and scenographic design as well as techniques of spatial narration, collective storytelling and awareness methods from acting exercises, the participants are encouraged to create their own voluntary institution and tell stories together. 

Besides that, collective cooking sessions, reading and free time-space for the participant’s own ideas are an important part of the experience.

Description of Michael Schumacher Workshop

This workshop aims to develop conscious presence while improvising within creative practices as well as daily life. 

Each session begins with exercises that explore relationships between sensory perception and presence in any given environment. An increased awareness of sensory input empowers one to act simultaneously as participant and observer. This practice helps define and further develop a strong sense of self and artistic identity. 

The session continues with movement analysis and compositional tools that are discussed in detail and practiced at length. Critical analysis and non judgmental discourse are strongly encouraged to allow for a more expansive network of interaction within the group. Practice is paired with theory, developing and deepening the group’s unique dynamic. Each session concludes with both free and structured improvisation scores in which participants collectively experience spontaneously created compositions. 


Michael Schumacher developed his own special approach to improvisation. He has worked with numerous pioneering artists such as Katie Duck, Mary Oliver, Kirstie Simson and Alex Waterman and created works for Ballett Frankfurt, Netherlands Dance Theater III, The Dutch National Ballet, Dansgroep Amsterdam and Jin Xing Dancer Theatre, among others.

Charles A. Washington trained to be a dancer at the Rambert School in London. After graduating he worked nationally and internationally with prestigious choreographers such as Ross Mckim, Fleur Darkin, Will Tucket, Lucy Burge, Cesc Gelabert, Jan Pauch, Yossi Berg & Oded Graf, Katrin Hall, Roy Assaf, Darren Ellis, Maxim Didenko and Vladimir Varnava

Charles created his freelance dance company Pinkmetalpetal Productions in 2012.  His work explores how somatic movement practices can be the means to express and form compositional narratives. In 2018 he graduated with a MA in choreography at the Palucca University of Dance Dresden, where he completed a 2-year Meisterklasse which he called “We are all a subculture?” in 2021. 

Alba T Álvarez was born in Germany and studied dance at the Palucca Hochschule für Tanz in Dresden where she graduated in 2018. Since then she has worked as a freelance dancer, performer and choreographic assistant in Dresden. She is interested in interdisciplinary performative and visual works that are focused on the body and its external relationships.

Lisa Hoffmann is a visual artist, filmmaker, ex-designer and researcher. Her work investigates transitional states, daily life fictions & fragmented realities with a focus on ecological anxieties and the deconstruction of dominant narratives. Lisa holds a MFA in sustainable product design from Bauhaus University and a MFA in Art and Media from the Berlin University of the Arts. She participates regularly in various collaborations and exhibitions across Europe.