Event: Event 3 - Michael Schumacher Workshop

Hellerau Studio C, Dresden
Start: 27 November 2021 10:00
End: 28 November 2021 15:00

This workshop aims to develop conscious presence while improvising within creative practices as well as daily life. 

Each session begins with exercises that explore relationships between sensory perception and presence in any given environment. An increased awareness of sensory input empowers one to act simultaneously as participant and observer. This practice helps define and further develop a strong sense of self and artistic identity. 

The session continues with movement analysis and compositional tools that are discussed in detail and practiced at length. Critical analysis and non judgmental discourse are strongly encouraged to allow for a more expansive network of interaction within the group. Practice is paired with theory, developing and deepening the group’s unique dynamic. Each session concludes with both free and structured improvisation scores in which participants collectively experience spontaneously created compositions.