Environmental Awareness

22 April 2021

This type of awareness looks at the environmental factors outside of the material body. 

The embodied knowledge of the environment is an engagement or production of a textural and or sensational experience of oneself in resonance with the environment. 

All the different body systems and the parts of those individual body systems are areas in which awareness of an environment can originate. By distinguishing the systems and parts of the system, the parts and systems can be reorganised into any order that can be the background or canvas in which one's perception is informed and where the abstract information of the environment is embodied. The possibilities are limitless, and it is just a question of allowing creativity to happen.

For creativity on choice look at Meta awareness

One might be drawn to one part of the body or body system more than another at any given time in the day, weeks or even years. The reason for this awareness of this specific area of the body could be looked at through a larger scope of awareness. Such as, the historical timeline of the different environments that one lives through is mutually dependent on how one embodies the environment that one is in presently, which accumulates to form how one relates and engages with the knowledge of one's environment. This can be a delicate road to travel and one that should be tread carefully. If it does unravel distress, it could be worth looking for expert advice for the type of distress one unravels. However, if this is manageable, the embodied patterns starting from an embryological level can be considered to the present moment and give what I call a tacit sense of integrated embodiment. 

It may be enough to ask oneself what patterns are at play to become aware of this part of one's body and then do nothing more. The simple act of asking a question can change the cellular consciousness of any part or layer of a being to bring more awareness to that area. 

4.2.1.The Chicago School (as a technique)