Event: drogenbos festival

Created by
@Dresden Neustadt: Dresden, 01099, Saxony, Germany
Hole of Fame + Bfgm
Start: 5 August 2022 16:00
End: 5 August 2022 21:00

Drogenbos is a small suburb of Brussels, Belgium (Drogen = dry; bos = forest). On their way from there to Braille Satellite in Lithuania and back to Brussels via Dresden, five bands will have a stopover at Hole Of Fame and Büro für gute Maßnahmen. Over the course of one evening, each of the bands will perform once at one of both locations, with Jordanstraße becoming the walkway between all shows.

All artists are active in the experimental music scene in Brussels, playing various genres between drum acoustic and electronic synth.

Entrance: Free // DWYC (donate what you can - recommending anywhere between 5€ - 20€)


Hole of Fame

Königsbrücker Str. 39, 01099 Dresden

20:00 - FÉLON
22:00 -XAXI

Büro für gute Massnahmen 

Jordanstraße 9, 01099 Dresden

19:00 - MAIBAUM




XAVI are an artist duo by Clarice Calvo-Pinsolle and Ernesto González Rondón. In 2021 they released a cassette called CHAPPES, exploring sound design with ambient field recordings.

Quanta Qualia

QUANTA QUALIA is an artistic duo playing with the intersection of dance, performance and experimental music. They often combine performative elements into their auditive explorations.


MAIBAUM is creating melodic ambient sets with dominant synth sounds, exploring both organic and electronic ambient qualities.


FÉLON is exploring sound stories from improvisation moments of music with a harp, objects, looper, voice and fx pedals.

Umarell & Zdaura

UMARELL & ZDAURA are an artist duo based in drums and bass guitar, who find their tones in experimentation with analogue instruments.