Bindles - What is bindles

30 October 2021

What is

Bindles is an open and non-profit oriented platform for sharing and publishing artistic ideas and content, maintained by the art community and made for the art scene. It aims to connect artists together, and also with art institutions and collectives. It is inspired by the subcultural phenomena. It is evident in art, fashion, music, lifestyle, social behaviour and life perspectives that our culture manifests subcultural environmental pockets that happen across the world and evolve in unique unguided means. The platform is the process of the de-capitalisation of our digital tools.


What can I do?

The platform grows with its people. As a visitor, you can dig into our archive of content and ideas of different creators. We visualise public content into a networked graph that aims to connect and match similar ideas together. As a visitor, you can visit everything that is public: text content, open calls for applications, articles and publications, events, image galleries, videos library and sound library ... 


What can I share?

As a registered user, you can share any content on bindles. We provide an online editor to create your provide text content, images, videos. You can publish content as well. Content can be everything. It could be an article, a project description, a concept, an idea or just your CV or a portfolio, that you want to share for an Application. You can also just create private content and use bindles as a work tool.


What is there more?

We allow everyone to create collectives or institutional profiles on bindles. You can create a team of people and create collectively content. As a collective or institution, there is the possibility to create open calls for projects, create events and connect into a virtual space via Mozilla Hub. You and your team can manage all submissions and applications on bindles now.



We provide a simple chat, to communicate with other people.



There are a lot more possibilities but we also do not have all-time in the world. We try to continuedly to improve and extends this platform, by the people's needs and interest.


What can I contribute?

We are a small team and we are happily trying to find more people that want to get on board. If you feel like, that you want to do something special? Please tell us!

That's all.Feel free to contact us if you have other questions.This is a really young project. Feel free to join if you want to contribute content or any other ideas!