Opencall: Bindles

31 July 2021
20 October 2021

Bindles is a content platform that was inspired by the subcultural phenomenon. It is evident in fashion, music, lifestyle, social behaviour and life perspectives that our culture manifests subcultural environmental pockets that happen across the world and evolve in unique unguided means. Subcultures offer the frontier of originality and the edge of capitalism. Our capitalistic world today is impossible to escape. To destroy what humanity has made is to give capitalism a new life. The only way out is to rethink and change our perspective globally. Structure and rationality can be perceived as the materiality of buildings and physical structures that humanity habitat. Without these platforms, we cannot exist collectively, as the river divides the land, and the forests create protection or evoke fear. Buildings, platforms and spaces where subcultures evolved or housed were indirectly supported or evoked by hegemonic culture. The frontier of being in a collective and manifesting what that collective is is the inspiration of Bindles.

In Bindles, users can create their own private space to organise, connect and collectively share content. On a global community, Bindles offers creative users a way to see how all public content is connected through keywords. On the individual level, Bindles offers the user or collective a visualisation and multidimensional way to organise their personal content in a way that suits them.

#Lets create the future together

Please enjoy your time in Bindles, stick to the rules and be cool. Create your identity and share what you want, and keep private everything else.