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26 April 2021
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Turn it.
The exhibition shows the more and more disappearing culture of hitchhiking and its meaning in our society. Mixed media artist, Minh Duc Nguyen, has spent endless hours on the streets and has been searching for adventures that resulted over the years in many experiences, thoughts and moments that he put into photographs and text writing. After his last travel through the Balkans in 2017, he created a personal perspective and a retrospective view on the meaning of travelling and merged it into a small book, a collection of fragments of texts and photographs that he collected over time. What seems to be an old and outdated way of moving between places, turns out to be more than just to find an alternative way of travelling.
Over the years the social-economic process in our globalised world, where time and mobility got to an excessive state, that may one thing that has led to the point that hitchhiking is fading away. The commercialisation of shared mobility gained us more and more speed and possibilities in our world but also created more barriers and gaps between us, humans - hitchhiking interpreted as an anti-capitalist idea to gain back trust and open up borders between people. What is trust anymore? How do we see strangers these days? How do we feel about uncertainty? Somehow, it opens the doors back to intuition and instinct, to step once back from tech-capitalistic world. And again there is the question about our relation and balance between humans and technology. Hitch-hiking, a way of travelling is maybe to express a political statement of how the world is driving in the wrong direction and to show something long forgotten, involuntarily trust and share. The capitalisation made us understand well, how to drive forward as individuals but have we forgotten the common sense of helping each other to move forward together. They are standing on the street sides to show us the void that we have created between us, like a global manifestation and everybody waiting on the street, even if not being aware, is embodying it.
b-schoeneweide? is a mixed media art installation by Minh Duc Nguyen, who has been active in cultural and artistic communities in Brussels, BE and Montreal, QC. Originally based from Dresden, he is involved in several subcultures and art projects international-wide. The exhibition is also the book launch of /Solitude/ - a slow side project started in 2017.
Layout / Design / Marion Beaupere
Renne, France
Video / Stefan Koutzev
Editing / Hannah Fritzpatrick
Installation / Book / Concept / Minh Duc
Presented at Hole of Fame