5 May 2021

Becoming aware through cellular consciousness of the integration of the different body systems can affect the internal sensation of ourselves; these sensations are the stimulus for movement. The types of body systems have their own quality of sensation and movement. They can be mixed or individualised. How this is decided is through the practice of becoming aware of the system. In engaging in embodied practices of the systems, more epistemic knowledge is produced or engaged with. The type of practices here that would qualify is any movement or activity or thought that happens due to the consciousness of the body system or systems. Maintaining a conscious relationship to the activity or movement that is derived will define the scope of how the practice develops. As this is an awareness of oneself, where the outer environment plays no specific direct role, the awareness is introspective and timeless. The environment does not govern the sensations that are created that one is physically in. Therefore, to remain within the 0-degree awareness, the participator engages in an internal journey of sensations that may conjure up different images and memories. To reach such profound depths of cathartic experience, a 0-degree of force and or desire must be accepted, which allows all tensions of the mind/body to release.

Some of the different body systems:

Cardiovascular System

Muscular System

Skeletal System

Digestive System

Respiratory System