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30 October 2021
@Bruxelles: Bruxelles, Belgium, Belgium
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15 pieces, 120 pages, black&white, red thread binding
Life is so marvellous. We live it from the inside like a ghost, and we watch and stand next to it like tourists. At a certain point, we start working and building up our lives in a way that demands a lot of effort and will surely exhaust us one day. We need to be strong in order to stand against it. It will take a lot of effort to reach a certain level of stability and safety. Life is full of luck and bad luck. It is full of happiness and sadness. We laugh and we cry, we love and we fear, live and die. And when it turns out that everything is fine, when we see all the traces of our lives and when we have found our place to be, the place of our happiness, we decide against it. But why do we decide to change it? Why do we want to break everything down, change the certainty to the uncertain and leave our comfort zone?
This book shows the personal and intimate insights of the author's life in the years of 2015 and 2016 in Brussels, Belgium.
Self published
Print: Germany
Photographs: Alexandra Bertels (Bruxelles, Belgium)
Editing: Louise Demelas, Hannah Fritzpatrick, Linda Valerie, Vincent Stroobants